Design To A New Beat

We create and define where you're going next

How we do it

Polyrhythm cares about our clients, and by focusing on the user's experience, we can create something memorable and easy to use. Our expertise in design, development, and research helps us to reach your goals on your budget. Whether you're looking for photography, branding, app development, kinetic sculpture, or a game - we've probably done it before.

Who is Polyrhythm?

Polyrhythm is a design studio run and operated by Danny and Alyse Capaccio out of Cincinnati, OH. We're young professionals and we make great products that we didn't see others around us making.

We are an experimental and user-focused design firm. We know that there are plenty of agencies out there, but we go the extra mile for you or your business to create an outstanding product.

Contact Us

You can reach us by sending us a quick email to If you're especially awesome, you'll include a subject that's informative and a body that has all the juicy details like your name and business.