Where Are We?

Multi-disciplinary Performance Piece

Brainstorming and Concept

This piece was created as a thesis for Danny's BA in Interactive Media Studies. He wanted to capture the breadth and depth of his studies throughout college. He ended up with a finished product that integrated programming, music, and hardware.

Where are we from Danny Capaccio on Vimeo.

Artist Statement

Arrows are an overt symbolic representation of movement. Whether you see arrows on the street indicating the direction of travel or the pointer on your computer screen, arrows always indicate coming from somewhere and going to somewhere else. The piece "Where are we" accentuates the idea that people always have a direction to their lives, and because of that, it means there are places we've been and places we're going. The three aspects of the piece are : where we could be, where we should be, and where we will go. The audio to go along with these pieces accentuates values of the parts that otherwise may be lost without an extra layer of depth. My hope is to help people to consider where they are, and what they could do instead.

The first movement where we could be utilizes arrows to create patterns and seemingly envelop the user in a kind of knot that has a dynamic complexity, but a clear meaning. We could be a lot of things, but often times we find ourselves spinning in circles or over-complicating a simple situation.

The second movement where we should be depicts a clear form of influence. Every person has the power to influence other people in some way. We struggle for the attention and love of those around us, but if we knew where we belonged, we wouldn't pull others astray.

The final movement where we will go leaves the question of "what direction is correct?" up to every individual. A heartbeat is a good indicator of human life, and a direction in that life proves a person's tenacity and will. Without an individual will and desire to truly live, people would be no better than machines.

Sometimes thinking about where you are, is more important than where you've been or where you're going. Arrows compel you to act and to move, but I urge you to stop and think.